The Williams Family
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Kids are back in school and learning, after a great summer :-)

          Ok it's been over a year since last update!
     Sam is in the 8th grade this school year and doing very well as of now. She is taking German as one of her courses and is struggling a little with it, but she is sticking to it. Sam goes to the high school to take as it's not offered in the middle school. Yeah I was a little nervous about it but it is working fine. 
     Sam is swimming year round with the SHARKS, it has been a wonderful experience with this team and they do so much stuff together outside of swimming. It’s a great team to be on. She is hoping this will prep her for the high school team next year.
     She is a constant volunteer at our church helping with the 4 years old Sunday school class. As well she is staying busy in the TNT middle school church group and looking forward in going to a weekend retreat in a few weeks. She stays very busy, and keeps Mom and me hoping... mostly mom. 
     Trey is in the 3rd grade and doing very well. He has joined the running club at his school and seems to be enjoying it very much. 
     Trey made the AA baseball team in the spring and we moved him up to the minors in the fall (kid pitch). trey really liked the kid pitch league and has improved his catching and fielding leaps and bounds. Now if I can get him on the ball when batting. i take him to the batting cage and he's on fire. I take him out and pitch to him he's on fire, behind the plate in a game not so much. 
     Trey as well has decided to join the SHARKS year round swim team, yeah the kid that hates swimming. Trey has such a knack for it and is very fast in the pool, we are delighted to have him swim and he's enjoying the swimming. He likes the structure of the year round team.
     Both kids swam for our neighborhood swim team Aquia Harbor Dolphins this past summer and did very well. Sam earned the coaches award trophy this past summer for her age group. Trey well what I say about the kid that didn't like to swim, He earned a trophy for most points for his age group and a then the trophy for most points for the team for boys.
     Chrissy is still working at Prince William Schools and I think she is ready for a transfer to a actual school position.
     I'm working for a small company now and on a contract for the USPS.

          here is a link to our picture website

Nats game and Spring AA Rookies

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